WebGL around the net, 11 December 2014

Voxels, physically based rendering and DIYVR in a smorgasbord of WebGL this week.

  • Adventure Box has released a tech preview of their astounding voxel-based sandbox game. We’re talking tens of millions of voxels; really impressive.
  • PlayCanvas has announced that they will soon be releasing physically-based rendering in their engine and tools. In the meantime, here is a preview featuring Star-Lord. Stunning!
  • Now you can browse the over one million photos of Earth taken from space from the International Space Station, over four hundred kilometers above Earth, in a 3D WebGL interface. Created by Callum Prentice, Second Life developer during the day since 2004 ● Enthusiastic WebGL hacker in the evenings.
  • Solar system in your pocket: developer Tim Samshuijzen has created an AR/VR solar system for Google Cardboard that uses the webcam, WebGL, Three.js Cardboard rendering and device orientation. DIYVR FTW!
  • The Plus360Degrees Car Visualizer is now fully mobile enabled! Point your mobile browser at http://carvisualizer.plus360degrees.com/threejs/. Works better on tablets… the big screen layout is nicer than on a phone.

Patrick Cozzi, friend of Learning WebGL, lead Cesium engineer and glTF collaborator, also teaches (as if he’s not busy enough!). He asked us to share his student’s end-of-term projects:

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