WebGL around the net, 25 November 2014

[Posting early due to the short week here in the colonies... -Ed]

New music interfaces and 3D components top this week’s WebGL developments.

  • New York/Moscow-based agency 4Real has created a wonderful interactive front end to Teengirl Fantasy’s EP Thermal. Is this the future of digital music interfaces?
  • Verold developed a spiffy 3D product walkthrough of the Amazon Echo, based on new components coming out in the next release. 3D components FTW!
  • CL3VER announced an Autodesk Revit Exporter that exports a 3D model with its geometry, hierarchy, materials and textures into the CL3VER editor with a single click.
  • Frinlet http://frinlet.com/ is developer Ryan Collin’s “dream game” that he has been working on for a while. It is an adventure game that he is developing it out in the open and he’d love your feedback on it.
  • Check out http://webgl.nu/, a new WebGL indie games portal. Simple, clean design. If you have a WebGL game you want to share, post it there!
  • Kickstarter Reminder: don’t forget to back, and spread the word, about these great WebGL Kickstarters! DIYVR by DODOcase and Tony Parisi (me), ApexVJ TURBO by Simo Santavirta , and Synth by Stephen Belovarich. There’s still time!
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