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WebGL around the net, 14 November 2013

Welcome to the New Age! Eyes in the sky, pyramid power, and some serious browser love lead this week’s WebGL roundup.

Firefox now lets you debug your shaders using a WebGL live shader editor that has been added to the dev tools in version 27. Wow!
For the touch screen-averse (or just haters of all even-numbered Microsoft [...]

WebGL around the net, 4 July 2013

This week in WebGL: more Microsoft news, a killer game and drag and drop frameworks.

During last week’s Build Conference, Microsoft announced it is developing core web applications on WebGL, rewriting both Bing Maps 3D and Photosynth 2 from the ground up.
If you’re like me and slightly wary of even-numbered Windows releases, then this will come as [...]

WebGL around the net, 27 June 2013

It’s confirmed: IE11 will ship with WebGL.
Here is my live report from Frank Olivier’s WebGL talk at the Microsoft Build conference on Wednesday in San Francisco. Also, coverage from the show floor and beyond:

Now only one question remains. When is WebGL coming to Mobile Safari?!

WebGL around the net, 24 May 2013

In WebGL this week: perspectives, projections and IE WebGL inching closer to reality.

Code Junkie Theo Armour offers his reactions to last week’s WebGL Meetup. A thoughtful piece from a guy who’s forgotten more 3D CAD than most of us will ever know in our lifetimes.
With no detectable irony, Brandon Jones ponders whether one day Microsoft will [...]

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