WebGL around the net, 19 Nov 2009

Two new links for today:

  • A very interesting-looking Japanese guide to getting started in WebGL; well worth a look even if you need to use Google translate, though unfortunately it looks like the examples are Safari-only.
  • Not WebGL, but very interesting nonetheless: Peter Nederlof has created a 3D rendering engine that uses the regular 2D canvas to display scenes, which is obviously going to be slower than doing the rendering in the graphics card, but has the advantage of working on Internet Explorer (Microsoft haven’t even mentioned WebGL support yet, as far as I can see). Anyway, here’s hoping Peter tries porting to WebGL soon :-) (Thanks to @tribadelics for the link!)

[UPDATE] I forgot to say — in the WebGL forums, Vladimir (Vukićević, I suspect) mentions that “a number of folks working on various WebGL implementations are on IRC, on the Freenode network in channel #webgl”. I’m logging in now…

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