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Well, I asked for it… Quite a few people left comments giving their thoughts on the blog theme I was using for Learning WebGL, both positive and negative, with lots of advice. Naturally, everyone had entirely different views on what it should look like :-)

I’ve decided to try something different for a while; bigger, clearer, and brighter. No 3D, unfortunately, apart from the little Twitter bird in the top right…

(And apologies to those who preferred white-on-black; hopefully the larger text goes some way towards making up for that change.)

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4 Responses to “New blog theme”

  1. murphy says:

    Looks good, although boring. Whatever, I’m here because of the great articles, not because of the theme :)

  2. Samuel says:

    I’ts a ok theme but I think that the old one, thoughe more beutiful then NeHe’s, looks more like the NeHe’s theme. And i thought it as a nice tribute to that site :D .

    3d shoulden’t be hard with some webkit animations…

  3. James says:


    The new look is very nice. Easier on the older eyes.

  4. giles says:

    Thanks all — I do think the old theme was prettier (and @Samuel — you guessed right, I did pick it because it was reminiscent of NeHe’s :-) but it was a bit hard for prolonged reading. So hopefully the content will shine through now :-)

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