WebGL around the net, 18 Nov 2009

There have been surprisingly few new WebGL links and examples appearing over the last few days; my theory is that after Jacob Seidelin and Yohei Shimomae raised the bar last week, everyone else was scared to post anything for a few days :-)

Anyway, a few fresh links for you:

  • Andor Salga, a student at Seneca College, is integrating the Processing.js library with C3DL. I wasn’t able to view the page with the current version, but in the longer term this could be a really valuable resource; WebGL is a great platform but it may be too low-level for some users, and higher-level abstractions built on it will become more and more valuable as time goes on.
  • Over at the Freemap blog, Nick Whitelegg has now completed his initial experimenting with WebGL, and is now ready to start on a 3D OpenStreetMap viewer, which I’m really looking forward to seeing! As part of blogging his experiments so far, he’s given his own explanation of how buffers work, and made some useful observations about how lighting changes once you introduce a camera position (that will be coming in lesson 10 here).
  • Finally, Justin Gibbs has posted another interesting exploration of what WebGL (and O3D, of course) might mean for online virtual worlds.
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