WebGL enabled for Windows on the Chrome dev channel

[uPDATE if you're here looking for instructions on installing a WebGL-enabled version of Chrome, the best place to look is this post here.]

I’ve not seen any announcement of this, but when I started my Chrome Dev Channel release today (with the --enable-webgl --no-sandbox flags set, of course), I got a new version,, which seems to support WebGL!

This is particularly odd, because the new feature isn’t mentioned on the Google Chrome Releases blog (and the “log of all revisions” link there, which gives details of all checkins in the release, doesn’t seem to work). Perhaps WebGL is not officially live yet, but they’ve decided to push it out and see what happens :-)

I’ve checked all of my lessons and demos on it; all work, apart from lesson 7. The problem with that appears to be because their version of gl.uniform3fv has an extra parameter, coming after the WebGLFloatArray of numbers: a size, presumably of the array. This sounds a bit odd, given that the size of the array is right there in the function name, so I’ll leave the code as it is and wait for them to fix it or for someone authoritative to tell me that the API is actually changing…

[UPDATE] Coolcat pointed out in the forums that using gl.uniform3f instead would be faster anyway. It makes the code for lesson 7 a tiny bit messier, but means that it works in Chrome. So I made the change, and will file have filed a bug with the Chrome guys

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  1. Alvaro says:

    It’s March 13th 2010, and after these months with good WebGL support in Chrome, it now stopped working! I noticed this a couple days ago.

    Version 5.0.342.3 with those known start-up parameters now has no WebGL support. What is going on??? Am I the only one?

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