WebGL around the net, 18 February 2015

This week’s WebGL roundup features Web VR cinema, visualizing flights around the globe, and… DEATH TO ALL PLUGINS!

  • Virtual Reality video innovators EleVR recently changed their web video player licensing terms to use the Mozilla Public License (MPL), much less restrictive than GPL. Good job team! Check out the code at their Github repo.
  • Callum Prentice, Second Life developer and WebGL trailblazer, does it again with Flight Stream, an awesome visualization of worldwide flight data. The piece currently uses archived information  from Open Flights but Callum hopes to use live info in a future version.
  • Google’s decision to remove support for NPAPI, the interface for building native code plugins, was no doubt helped along by all the great advances in HTML5 over the years, including of course WebGL. Now that Google will be retiring plugins like Google Earth, this opens the way for all-WebGL open tools to take their place. Lots of developers are moving to plugin-free Cesium to do exactly that. Check out the Cesium blog for tutorials and early success stories.
  • WebGL toolkmaker CL3VER has announced that version 3.0 of their tool will be releasing on March 11. The new version includes a streamlined workflow and powerful new rendering features like real-time light maps. Nice!
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