Special Edition: Crowdfunding WebGL

’tis the season of giving! Please help support ALL of these wonderful Kickstarter projects, all based on WebGL.

  • Are you excited about virtual reality? Are you like me, and don’t want to wait a year (or more!) till Oculus VR actually releases a product? Then you want to support DIYVR, my new Kickstarter campaign in partnership with DODOcase. Supporters will get a nifty new DODOcase Cardboard VR mobile viewer in time for the holidays, and help fund GLAM, my open source project that makes authoring 3D and VR in WebGL as easy as creating web pages! Many thanks in advance for your support.
  • Reminder that Simo Santavirta has launched a Kickstarter for version 3 of ApexVJ, the kickass WebGL-based music visualizer system. There are still 22 days to go on this one and he still needs help. Please give (I did!)
  • LA-based Steve Belovarich has already hit the modest goal for his Kickstarter for Synth, the audio and video mixing system in WebGL. But maybe you want to kick in anyway.
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