WebGL around the net, 13 November 2014

All the ship thats fit to print: WebGL powers mainstream news, ads, music, CAD and Unreal 4!

  • The New York Times quietly released an awesome piece of WebGL: an interactive photo panorama of Shell’s Prelude, a new massive floating natural gas refinery. Too big to photograph in one go, the team used Microsoft’s Photosynth to stitch hundreds of individual photos. News, meet WebGL.
  • Winslow Porter of the US-based interactive agency MKG has developed a stunning visualization of the Clinton Global Initiative’s impact on our planet. We can make a difference.
  • Long-awaited, here’s a live demo of Unreal Engine 4 and WebGL: a strategy game that features awesome rendering and 60FPS movement. (If you figure out how to actually play, drop me a line or leave a comment! :-o )
  • ApexVJ version 3 is out! Visualizer genius Simo Santavirta has done it again. Go check out the new version, and fund his Kickstarter! (I did.)
  • Interested in 3D advertising? Digital agency Phyramid talks about how they made a WebGL top banner for the home page in their blog.
  • Millions of CAD parts are now viewable and interactive online in WebGL, thanks to TraceParts, a France-based digital engineering 3D content provider.
  • Great news in tools: Ambiera has just announced that their great WebGL engine, Copperlicht, is now open source as of Version 1.8.1!
  • Here’s an online STL file viewer. Just drag and drop http://www.sgh1.net/stl/
  • Not one, but two WebGL Kickstarters! Check out Synth, a music mixing system. Fund that, too! (I did.)
  • Teaser: keep your wallets out; you’ll be seeing another WebGL Kickstarter announcement next week.
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