WebGL around the net, 5 Nov 2009

  • Some more X3DOM — a nice example that allows you to rotate a 3D shape using the mouse. What’s particularly impressive to me is how little code is required to create the page; just view source to see!
  • A couple of interesting discussions on the Khronos WebGL forums over the last few days; there’s a little way to go before it’s a talkative community, but recently we’ve had a really interesting post from Coolcat with ideas on how you might go about loading large meshes into WebGL using XML or JSON, and some discussion on whether CanvasArrays should be measured in bytes or floats.
  • On the Freemap blog, Nick Whitelegg mentions he’s been learning WebGL (using my tutorials, yay!). Online maps sound like exactly the kind of thing WebGL is perfect for, so it’ll be really interesting to see what Nick puts together.
  • Another blogger is tracking his or her progress in learning WebGL — Pion, over at learnwebgl.blogspot.com (I like the blog name :-)
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