WebGL around the net, 8 October 2014

{Apologies for the delay in posting. We were having site issues… which now we believe are fixed. Thanks CloudFlare! –Ed}

This week’s WebGL developments include boundary-breaking production value, make your own 3D dolls and… write code in VR?!

  • Check out OutsideOfSociety’s Autumn. Wow. Just wow.
  • Isaac Cohen (http://cabbi.bo/), LeapJS guru and creative coder extraordinaire, is once again doing crazy things with pixels: his tribute to the #weirdkids indie game developer collective features music, GPU particles, water reflections, awesome text, and audio-based vertex and fragment shaders.
  • Makielab lets you design and manufacture your own amazing 3d-printed dolls. They’ve just rewritten their doll builder using WebGL. It used to be flash/unity3d. According to founder Ben Griffiths, it renders better, uses much less CPU and now works on iOS8 and Android…  using three.js under the hood.
  • Unity Technologies has released a benchmarking suite. Their blog talks about the WebGL benchmarks they developed; fascinating reading and some interesting results.
  • Tools roundup: last few weeks have seen major releases of the SceneJS framework and CopperCube 5, the WebGL game engine. Expect all kinds of feature goodness.
  • The Khronos Group has launched another Show Off Your WebGL Widget! Contest. Win copies of my WebGL programming books, and, almost as big a prize– an NVIDIA Shield! :-) Deadline is November 25, 2014. More details at https://www.khronos.org/contests/webgl.
  • Don’t forget! The WebGL Insights book call for proposals is out and the deadline is looming (Oct 19th 2014).
  • And finally, in the #NeverThoughtI’dSeeThis department: Brian Peiris’ RiftSketch lets you live code in VR with the Oculus Rift, Firefox WebVR, JavaScript and Three.js. Don’t have a Rift? Watch the YouTube video here.
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