WebGL around the net, 14 August 2014

Worried about tools for building great WebGL? Don’t!

  • Unity has announced that the upcoming WebGL support in their awesome developer tools will be available for free to all users. This is HUGE for independent game developers looking to target the web.
  • WebGL publishing tool maker Verold announced that they have secured a 1.6M funding round and strategic deals to push forward creating interactive 3D content and applications with partners.
  • X3DOM, the toolkit for viewing X3D content in WebGL, is staying fresh with a new release with lots of features and fixes.
  • Noteworthy: Steven Wittens presented more of his mad visualization skills with Mathbox. He previewed his ongoing work on version 2 in a live presentation during the SIGGRAPH WebGL Birds of a Feather.
  • Check out this live brush painter experiment with WebGL and your camera, courtesy of Goo Create!
  • VR ALERT: WebGL creator and VR innovator Vlad Vukićević  just released an updated VR build of Firefox for experimenting. This one has much better CSS support and other improvements. Web VR will be here soon… !
  • Also in virtual reality, I was privileged to share the stage with Arthur Van Hoff of Jaunt and Patrick Buckley of DODOcase, at a Silicon Valley meetup about the Future of VR. We had varying viewpoints on how, where and when VR will hit the masses… but everyone agreed that WebGL will be a core part of it over the years. Here are the slides from my talk. Enjoy.
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