WebGL around the net, 14 August 2014

WebGL continues to push the media envelope. This week, we look at interactive documentaries, film-based worlds and sandbox MMOs.

  • A Spacecraft for All. This stunning interactive documentary chronicles the 36-year journey of the ISEE-3 spacecraft. Follow the craft’s flight path, learn about the science, and view its live position as it flies through space. All brilliantly rendered in WebGL, seamlessly layered onto streaming video.
  • Oort Online is a gorgeous new sandbox-style massive multiplayer online game powered by Turbulenz. It is still in development, but you can see the teaser video on their site.
  • Goo Technologies recently worked with visual effects studio The Mill to create SKAZKA, an experimental, creative and collaborative companion to the experimental film of the same name. See the experience here, and read more on The Mill Blog.
  • Fans of the board game Quarto will dig this interactive version created using Babylon.js.
  • Still looking around for a good game programming framework? Check out Phaser, an HTML5 game framework for desktop and mobile that renders to both canvas and WebGL.
  • HUGE news on the standards front: as tweeted by Khronos Group honcho Neil Trevett, Microsoft has joined Khronos and the WebGL working group! This further solidifies the company’s commitment to the standards effort. [Skeptics - take a chill pill. I think they're here to help in earnest. --ed.]
  • If you like numbers and want to learn how to program with them to create noise, cellular automata, fractals, l-systems and more, Daniel Shiffman’s book The Nature of Code is free to read online. The book uses the Processing language to illustrate the concepts, and the online version includes WebGL live examples.
  • Speaking of books… here is my unabased PROMO for the week: O’Reilly is running a special this week only to get 50% off of my new WebGL programming book and video. http://shop.oreilly.com/category/deals/webgl.do?code=WKWBGL&cmp=tw-velocity-books-videos-lp-promo_20140808_owo_webgl. Good only until August 16th!

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