WebGL around the net, 2-July-2014

Web-based Virtual Reality: fast, cheap, out of control and now RUNNING IN YOUR BROWSER.

  • Virtually Awesome! Vlad  Vukićević, WebGL creator and VR guru at Mozilla, discusses the First Steps for VR on the Web. Firefox now has support for Oculus stereo rendering of Canvas elements, CSS3 3D transforms, mixing Canvas and CSS into single 3D display space, and VR head tracking.
  • Rye Terrell of TyroVR has created a Three.js renderer that uses the new Firefox APIs; the site also has an excellent getting started tutorial.
  • Brandon Jones of Google just released his VR update about Chrome… now in Chromium nightlies!
  • Google is trying to keep one-up Oculus and keep up with Firefox with its new Chrome VR Experiments demo site. The site is really for Android-based Cardboard apps, but you can see the demos in mono on a regular web page.
  • Music video + WebGL + embeddable content == three great tastes! Google’s The Cube is “an experimental platform for interactive storytelling” that features videos playing on a cube surface, connected to Google Play. A new way to sell music?
  • Check out this beautiful national park visualization powered by BabylonJS. Geotrek.fr, a territory management tool developed by Makina Corpus, is going to incorporate 3D features in an upcoming  release. Here is additional information on  camera positioning according to the land features, and the making of Geotrek 3D. Non-francophones – the sites are all in French. But the visuals are worth the trip and you can always try to get Google to translate.
  • Here is a nice particle physics simulation running entirely on the GPU, developed by Christopher Wellons.
  • Perf matters: last week I gave a talk on WebGL and Web Site Performance at WebPerfDays Silicon Valley. We are just at the beginning of this field of study – and I encourage WebGL devs to start thinking about traditional web site performance issues when scaling up your applications to reach millions. Feel free to comment on the SlideShare or mail me directly if you are keen to do something in this area.
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  1. The link to your talk gave me a 404. But I got another URL from searching for it:


    Thanks for sharing the links, as always! It’s definitely an exciting time :-)

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