WebGL around the net, 24 June 2014

3D ads and popup books! It doesn’t get more fun than this in WebGL Land. Here are this week’s developments:

  • Glacéau Smartwater has launched a beautiful 3D ad campaign, Explore the Sky. The ad features animated camera fly-throughs and great interaction. You can even paint clouds in the sky! Could this be a glimpse into the future of web advertising?
  • Want to create your own 3D Popup Card? Check out http://www.chromeexperiments.com/detail/3d-pop-up-card/
  • This week on Chrome Experiments features The Life of a Particle, “A particle simulation from another perspective — inside.” I’m not sure what that means, but this thing is damn gorgeous.
  • Here is a behind-the-scenes look at creating the amazing Urban Jungle Street View. It’s a fantastic, insightful writeup by Einar Öberg, Developer and Technical Director at North Kingdom in Stockholm.
  • Tarek Sherif, Software Developer at Montreal Neurological Institute/McGill University, has released BrainBrowser v2.0.0 – a new, mobile-friendly version of the real-time neuroimaging visualization software.
  • The Khronos Group has announced a WebGL Widget Contest. Here’s your chance to get your 3D content onto the WebGL spec home page! Submission deadline is August 1st, so better get crackin’.
  • CL3VER has released Version 2.1 of their viewer that touts higher performance on all devices.
  • Version 0.56 of taccGL, the JavaScript class library for HTML5, CSS and WebGL page creation by Helmut Emmelmann, is now out. taccGL can animate integrated scenes of HTML+CSS elements and 3D objects with depth buffering, lighting, and shadows; map HTML elements on 3D objects; or align 3D objects with HTML elements. Transitions include linear motion, accelerating, rotating, fading, deformation, or processing with customized shaders.
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4 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 24 June 2014”

  1. Blender Man says:

    The Watch WebGL Demo


  2. Tarek Sherif says:

    Thanks for mentioning BrainBrowser again, Tony! Very much appreciate the support.

  3. Tim Severien says:

    Thanks for sharing Life of a Particle!

  4. Luca says:

    At CL3VER we have a new WebGL scene. It’s the The Life Cycle of the HIV virus created by http://www.hybridmedicalanimation.com/ and available at this link http://3d.cl3ver.com/16l9j5?autoplay=1.

    It’s a new example of use of CL3VER in the Healthcare industry.

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