WebGL around the net, 8 April 2014

A fresh crop of development tools leads this week’s WebGL headlines.

  • CL3VER is a cloud-based 3D engine in HTML5 and WebGL to create and publish interactive 3D scenes on web and mobile. They recently released the latest version of the product, which includes a free way for architects to publish designs and presentations to their clients.
  • The team at Clara.io has some great new samples to check out: http://clara.io/?mc_cid=448bd04d01&mc_eid=a428ee9647
  • New kid on the block Blend4Web (http://blend4web.com/en/) develops  a software framework for authoring and interactive rendering of three-dimensional graphics and audio in browsers. The platform is intended for creating visualizations, presentations, online-shops, games and other rich internet applications, and is integrated tightly with Blender (hence the name).
  • Still reeling from the Oculus acquisition? Me too. Here is Brandon Jones’ take on it.
  • Welcome to the modern age, Unity! In this interview from GDC, CEO David Helgason presents his vision for the future of gaming. Guess what? WebGL looms large…
  • How Did I Miss This? Dept: Check out Matter.js, 2D rigid body physics library http://brm.io/matter-js-demo/ Also fast animated WebGL fractals.
  • And, finally, for those of us like me who think you can’t have enough WebGL aquaria… here is FishGL, from the RethinkIE team at Microsoft.
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  1. Simon says:

    I use unity for game development. For me the Version 5 will be the most promising due to the fact that webgl will be supported. So for me this is quite exciting!

    And as always: thanks for sharing.

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