WebGL around the net, 27 March 2014

This week in WebGL: virtual reality gone wild, MMOs and more.

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  1. Many thanks to Tony for the mention of Age of Ascent!

    Yup, fully WebGL. And no registration or account creation needed, so “frictionless” is pretty much where we’re at. Just turn up at our weekly “PvP Saturday” events with a WebGL-capable browser, and that’s it… Have fun (and feeback is super-welcome). This is just the PvP dogfighting component of the full sandbox MMO that we’ll be releasing next year.

    There’re videos on the website if you want to take a look in advance.


    James Niesewand
    CEO, Illyriad Games (www.ageofascent.com)

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks very much for mentioning my WebGL music visualizer. It’s just standing on the shoulders of the great work of Mr Doobs’ three.js example:


    combined with:

    Michael Bromley’s nice work on the Web Audio API + Soundclound streaming: http://www.michaelbromley.co.uk/blog/42/audio-visualization-with-web-audio-canvas-and-the-soundcloud-api

  3. Yuri says:

    Hi, Tony

    Let me present a new WebGL engine called Blend4Web. The engine was
    released a few days ago under the dual GPLv3/commersial license.




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