WebGL around the net, 18 March 2014

[Apologies for the delay in posting. I have been swamped due to the release of my new book, speaking at O'Reilly Fluent, commemorating VRML's 20th Anniversary and running the San Francisco WebGL Meetup. We should be getting back to our regularly scheduled weekly review starting next week. --Ed]

On the eve of the Game Developers’ Conference, WebGL’s got game… and more.

Here’s the more… ALL kinds of pioneering visualization work is happening around the net.

  • Want to green the planet? Here’s one way to do it virtually. Urban Jungle Street View combines Google street view with a Three.js overlays depicting jungle plants… absolutely stunning.
  • Cesium now has full support for glTF models, including aircraft, ground vehicles, and character models: http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Apps/Sandcastle/?src=3D%20Models.html&label=Showcases. Check out the tutorial on how to use Cesium with glTF, and their tool to convert COLLADA models.
  • Mike Linkovich has created Earth History Explorer, a way to observe and interact with continental drift over time, and to explore Wikipedia articles for each major time period in Earth’s history.
  • Engi is a dataflow programming editor using HTML5 and WebGL. Creator Antti Jadertpolm  just released an open source project that could be interesting for webGL community. It’s been worked on for 3 years so it’s at quite advanced stage already. Check out the introduction: http://www.engijs.org/help/introduction.html
  • Bartek Drozdz (@bartekd) has just released a soundscape visualization controlled with a microphone and a Leap Motion, using WebGL, WebRTC, the Web Audio API and the LeapMotion SDK.
  • The next London WebGL Meetup coming in April features bit more Three.js … and a deeper look at shaders.
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  1. An even bigger news is Unity 5.0 announcing support of WebGL, so no more hacks for being able to use Unity as Web3D editor: https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2014/03/18/mozilla-and-unity-deliver-award-winning-game-engine-to-the-web/

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