WebGL around the net, 12 December 2013

There’s no place like WebGL for the holidays. This week features the world’s first commercial asm.js 3D game, creative competitions, workshops… and special guest stars Notch and Santa!

  • NomNom Games announced that it has developed the first commercial 3D game built in asm.js, a port of Monster Madness that uses the Unreal Engine.
  • Unleash your inner game creator: Mozilla and Goo have announced a holiday gaming competition. The deadline is January 14th, so get coding already.
  • This has got to be the sweetest music gizmo rendered in WebGL yet! Audiotool Sketch is a music sequencer, built with the multi-platform app development system defrac, that lets you create beats using two drum machines and a bass line. I couldn’t stop messing around with it…
  • Have a hippie, trippy Xmas: Nate from Devmaster started a fun community contest to construct various types of art using nothing but fragment shaders. Nate set up a sample framework in WebGL so that others can quickly dive in.Details and discussion are available at http://devmaster.net/posts/23953/xmas-demo-fun.There are already several cool demos in the can… but you can still jump in.
  • Data maven Theo Armour has just hacked a new version of FGx Globe. Does this guy ever sleep?
  • Is Notch working on a WebGL Minecraft? Brandon Jones thinks maybe.
  • In maybe  the biggest WebGL design win of the year, NORAD has switched to Bing Maps to track Santa, working with Microsoft to create a new Santa Tracker.
  • East-Bay developer Josh Staples of shipping container visualization fame figures out to how calculate tic tac toe win conditions using ray intersections. Mmm mmm geeky!
  • What would you write on your own tombstone? Try this WebGL app to find out. In the words of designer Felix Palmer, “An obvious application for these techniques is an in-browser tombstone designer, ” … um, ok…
  • If you’re in the London area next week, Carl Bateman is organising a FREE WebGL Workshop in London — 6:30pm Thu Dec 19 (http://www.meetup.com/WebGL-Workshop-London).
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