WebGL around the net, 14 November 2013

Welcome to the New Age! Eyes in the sky, pyramid power, and some serious browser love lead this week’s WebGL roundup.

  • Firefox now lets you debug your shaders using a WebGL live shader editor that has been added to the dev tools in version 27. Wow!
  • For the touch screen-averse (or just haters of all even-numbered Microsoft releases) IE11 has made it to Windows 7. It features WebGL and comes with a ported version of Hover, a capture-the-flag-style DirectX game that originally shipped with Windows 95.
  • Ever have the feeling you’re being watched? Eyes is a fun piece from interactive agency Goodby Silverstein.
  • Boston-based Logan Engstrom has created a prototyped tile-based pyramid editor. Simple and fun.
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