WebGL around the net, 1 Oct 2013

The week in WebGL: classic games, training courses, and an anatomy lesson.

  • Microsoft is bringing a classic DirectX game back with WebGL. It just announced that it ported Hover! to HTML5 and WebGL.
  • SOLD OUT! My course, Programming 3D Applications in HTML5 and WebGL, a one-day training session at this fall’s HTML5 developer conference in San Francisco, has filled up. But GOOD NEWS: the organizers have opened up a second session. Go to the web site and register today!
  • Videep Mishraa, aka theMaxScriptGuy, is at it again. Here is a C#-based program to convert OBJ to Three.js JSON without using Python command line.
  • CL3VER just released an absolutely gorgeous WebGL presentation demonstrating the anatomy of the human foot, created using their development tools.
  • KineMan is another anatomy piece that focuses on realistic human skeletal joint motions, by adding scientifically-derived joint kinematics (axes and motion ranges) to 3D bone geometry.
  • Also on Chrome Experiments this week, an experiment with spherical harmonic distortion to create an organic shape.
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  1. Gökçe Gün says:

    will more seats be available for the programming 3d applications in html5 and webgl?

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