WebGL around the net, 19 Aug 2013

Getting back to our regularly scheduled roundup now that summer is almost over…

  • Dart programmers will be pleased to know that John McDole has ported the WebGL Lessons to the Dart Language!
  • Lindsay Kay has released another SceneJS update, featuring plugins, fog effects, and regular expression-based scene graph operations.
  • Strange Attractors are everywhere this week, with awesome demos by Felix Woitzel and Arefin Mohiuddin.
  • Sparkle.js, created by Maël Nison, is a Three.js-based JavaScript particle engine that renders solid shapes using particles.
  • Jerome Etienne explains Mr.doob’s latest procedure city demo, in How to Do a Procedural City in 100 Lines.
  • In his wonderful piece Holistic WebGL, Brandon Jones advises on the right ways to use WebGL on your site and avoid gratuitous 3D.
  • In the wake of this year’s SIGGRAPH, COLLADA creator Remi Arnaud shares his thoughts on the WebGL Craze. Is it the next Hula Hoop?
  • Babylon.js creator David Catuhe has written an excellent blog posting on using height maps and skyboxes to create a convincing WebGL world.
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  1. Jens Arps says:

    Also probably noteworthy: Mozilla announced the winners of it’s latest WebGL Dev Derby, featuring some interesting entries: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2013/08/announcing-the-winners-of-the-june-2013-dev-derby/

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