WebGL around the net, 1 Aug 2013

This week in WebGL: more from SIGGRAPH, and WebGL running on Window tablets!

  • WebGL is running on the Windows 8.1 preview versions for Windows tablets. If you have a Surface RT or Surface Pro you can get the preview version and try it out. Here is a video of our very own Giles Thomas running the WebGL Lessons.
  • In yet another sign that Microsoft is dead serious in their about-face on WebGL, the company has added a WebGL Development Guide to their Internet Explorer Dev Center pages. Are we finally going to get pro grade technical documentation on the WebGL API? Nah that’s too much to hope for…
  • Gone paragliding, cycling or hiking lately? Or done anything else geographically interesting? You can share it with the world in a Doarama – a 3D interactive diorama. At last week’s SIGGRAPH conference, a team from Australia’s NICTA research centre previewed their system based on the Cesium library.
  • Also from SIGGRAPH, the Khronos Group has posted the slide sets from their Birds of a Feather sessions. The slides on glTF from the COLLADA BOF include information on my current project to develop a glTF loader for Three.js.
  • At Euskal Encounter 2013, Mr.doob showed his latest collaboration, an animated music video called Obisidian.
  • Here is a beautiful visualization of the Gray-Scott reaction-diffusion model, mathematical formulae of chemical and biological processes that describe how natural substances react with each other while they spread out over a space.
  • This is not WebGL, but it is of general interest– and beyond awesome. Brit Keith Clark has been toiling for a few years on creating a first-person shooter system using only CSS3 transforms. His demos feature geometry, textures, navigation, collision, and (this blows my mind) lighting and shadows! http://www.keithclark.co.uk/labs/css3-fps-new/
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2 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 1 Aug 2013”

  1. Lindsay Kay says:

    Well I gotta (reluctantly) hand it to Microsoft – technical documentation is one thing they do very well.

  2. giles says:

    They’ve also rather impressively managed to get WebGL running on their tablet’s stock browser before Google or Apple did on theirs. Pretty good going given they were trying to kill it just a year or so ago.

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