WebGL around the net, 25 July 2013

This week in WebGL features… WebGL2?!

  • Mozilla has just released a prototype of experimental WebGL2 features in its nightly and Aurora builds! WebGL2 is the working name for new WebGL features based on OpenGL ES 3.0. Read more on the Mozilla Wiki at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Platform/GFX/WebGL2
  • Exocortex has released Clara.io, a next-generation 3D content creation tool that runs in the browser… based on WebGL of course. Visit the site to apply for the beta program. (I did… still waiting…)
  • Israel-based Ascender Technologies released a WebGL demo of a 3D game based on their remote rendering technology. The demo uses only 5% of the network bandwidth used by an H264 stream for the game, which is hosted in the cloud.
  • Two great Chrome Experiments showed up this week: an OpenData Globe with live visualization of transportation in principal European cities; also Barcelona-based Jaume Sánchez has created a beautiful cross-hatching shader.
  • This week at the SIGGRAPH conference, the Sketchfab team showcased experimental integration of SculptGL and Sketchfab.
  • Slightly off-topic, but probably of interest: the Khronos Group has announced the latest release of OpenGL, OpenGL 4.4.
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  1. Benoit Jacob says:

    Just a correction: WebGL2 is currently only in Nightlies, it will come to Aurora at the next uplift (in 2 weeks or so). It will *not* come to the Beta and Release channels for the time being (before standardization, etc).

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