WebGL around the net, 20 June 2013

This week in WebGL features an open 3D printing platform, great game content and experiments in audio process and terrain generation.

  • WebGL and 3D printing continues to be the Reese’s Cup of interactive graphics (” ♫ two great tastes that go great together! ♪”). Mixee Labs just announced a platform for designers to create customizable products and sell them online using 3D printing powered by ShapeWays.
  • Dungeon Fury! Will Eastcott has developed an awesome, browser-based, first-for-mobile fighter game using his PlayCanvas engine.
  • German-based Xymatic has released a show reel of their Delight Engine, a promising entry into the game engine category. There is also a live demo of a realistic camera model featuring bokeh depth of field, lesn flares, film grain, and dynamic color grading. Impressive.
  • MINMAXIA released a demo of a really nice terrain generation system they are using to develop a game. It’s alpha quality but the terrain generation is very flexible and fast. http://www.minmaxia.com/
  • Sann-Remy Chea posted a real-time frequency analyzer built with WebGL and Web Audio in his blog. NOTE: only works in a Web Audio-capable browser.
  • SimLab Composer, a 3D scene building, rendering, sharing and animation tool, has released improved support for their WebGL exporter.
  • O’Reilly and Associates has just informed me that they will continue to offer the first two chapters of the early release of my new book, Programming 3D Applications in HTML and WebGL, for free. Please note that you have to go through the O’Reilly signup process to access the pages.
  • Almost Famo.us – Some of you may have missed Mr.doob’s awesome CSS3 Periodic Table demo using the Three.js CSS Renderer. It’s not WebGL, but it’s great 3D! Also, this piece inspired a recent rant by yours truly, wherein I muse about closed APIs, open standards and silicon valley startups.
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