WebGL around the net, 30 May 2013

Console games and MMORPGS highlight this week’s WebGL developments… also: an anatomy lesson!

  • WebGL console gaming? You heard me. Developer Jarrod Overson posted this Youtube Video of WebGL Running on OUYA. OUYA is the new Android-based $99 gaming console, designed by Yves Behar (of One Laptop Per Child and August fame). The demo is powered by Ludei’s CocoonJS platform for accelerating HTML5 and WebGL for mobile games. #gamechanger!
  • Developer bubblebean just released an alpha demo of their MMORPG Urban Galaxy Online. You can connect with Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, pick your spaceship and start playing. I was impressed by the beautiful 3D rendering and excellent visual and sound design. This is definitely pushing the envelope on look and feel of HTML5 gaming! I couldn’t get very far in it but I suspect that’s because they’re still bringing it to life. reported by webgl.com
  • Another space-based MMORPG entry, Langenium, features a more retro look. Definitely lower production value than Urban Galaxy, but the development is being done out in the open, so this one gets grass-roots style points. I wish them luck on getting this out the door soon.
  • Brandon Jones gives us a really informative anatomy lesson on how Chrome’s move to the Blink engine will affect WebGL performance. Warning: assumes some OOP and C++ish knowledge…
  • WebGL is getting a lot of mainstream love these days! It was heavily featured at this week’s O’Reilly Fluent Conference, including Brendan Eich’s Keynote and a session by yours truly. Here’s a copy of the slides from my talk.
  • Check out Corona Perspectives, a site created by the beer maker featuring sleek and novel WebGL visualization of pro tennis matches from ATP World Tour.
  • threefitti? Nice urban visualization of graffiti around Zurich. Go to http://graff.jouda.cc/, click on Zurich, then click on one of the highlighted areas to launch a 3D walkthrough of a city district with actually graffiti mapped onto the building walls.
  • Want to make your own planet? Try out this cool tool at PlanetMaker. via three.js reddit
  • ViziCities creators Rob Hawkes and Peter Smart did another nice ViziCities presentation from  at Front-Trends 2013.
  • In his blog Computional Contemplations, Lee Stemkoski ponders animated noise shaders in three.js.
  • Denver-based consultant Mark Harris has started a series of experiments on an open source game development platform, gamepad_101. Feedback welcome.
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7 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 30 May 2013”

  1. Lindsay Kay says:

    Hey one more for next week’s lineup – I finally got around to releasing SceneJS 3.0:

    This release is a 70% rewrite with a few more bells and whistles, but the bit I really wanted to show off was auto recovery from lost WebGL context:

    In that example, lost WebGL context is periodically forced, and then when the context is restored, SceneJS automatically rebuilds programs, buffers etc. on the new context from state retained in its scene graph, without having to re-download anything.

    There’s one unresolved shader compilation issue unfortunately, reported on some on Windows/Chrome/Firefox setups, which seems to be a bug in ANGLE where it fails in its conversion one of SceneJS’ shaders into HLSL (I’ll raise a ticket over at ANGLE).


  2. Justin Bailey says:

    Well, that saves me a lot of trouble. Wanted to know what sort of performance WebGL would have on the OUYA. Now I know. Thanks! :D

  3. tony says:

    @Lindsay HURRAY! I’ll feature in this week’s list, too!

  4. Nikola says:

    PLease see my inderconstruct work at http://oblak.netfast.org
    Thanks from Serbia.

  5. Nikola says:

    PLease see my underconstruct work at http://oblak.netfast.org
    multiplayer with three.js
    Thanks from Serbia.

  6. Lindsay Kay says:

    PS. SceneJS breakage on Windows is caused by an ANGLE bug (specifically a problem with its translation of GLSL into HLSL, which must be an insanely hard thing to get right).

    I’m working on a workaround, which is a bit hit-and-miss, but in the meantime SceneJS runs great on Windows with Chrome’s –use-gl=desktop flag.

  7. Paul Brzeski says:

    Oh wow! Thanks for mentioning my project, Langenium :)

    I’m actually working on it by myself. The code is open source and I’m aiming it build it up as a game and engine that people can re-purpose. I’m very keen for contributors, comments, etc.

    If anyone’s keen – have a look at the Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/Langenium

    Cheers :)
    Paul Brzeski

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