WebGL around the net, 24 May 2013

In WebGL this week: perspectives, projections and IE WebGL inching closer to reality.

  • Code Junkie Theo Armour offers his reactions to last week’s WebGL Meetup. A thoughtful piece from a guy who’s forgotten more 3D CAD than most of us will ever know in our lifetimes.
  • With no detectable irony, Brandon Jones ponders whether one day Microsoft will be WebGL’s biggest supporter.
  • And why not? WebGL support in IE seems to be inching closer to reality, with this teaser video released on Microsoft Vine. “HTML5?! What’s next? WebGL?!?!?”
  • WebGL and Security?! Security software company F-Secure can now visualize world wide malware attacks detected by its software: check out the F-Secure Globe #nowthatsirony
  • Goo Technologies has released another great Goo Engine game called Pearl Boy. Gorgeous!
  • Not just another sandbox game: Håkon Erichsen has released an early version of Skycraftreported by webgl.com
  • Cesium, the WebGL virtual globe and map engine, has a new demos page showcasing apps built with Cesium. http://cesium.agi.com/demos.html
  • Greg Beatty used Cesium with WebGL and HTML5 video to integrate GPS ski track data with helmet-cam videos taken on a ski trip to Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Here are some great JSModeler demos by Viktor Kovacs: a prototype Lego Builder and a Robotic Arm simulation.
  • numb3r23 has created a couple of nice WebGL experiments, including a new take on an old arcade favorite, and explorations with vertex displacement shaders.
  • Ádám (last name not known) asked me to tell you about his interactive WebGL Detector. The site tries to detect WebGL and if it’s not there, takes you through a wizard showing you how to set it up.
  • In courseware, Real-Time Rendering guru Eric Haines has completed part 2 of his Udacity Interactive 3D Graphics course. Also check out Digital Media Universe’s Virtual Programming School course WebGL Game Programming for Beginners.
  • The Web3D 2013 Conference has released the program for its June conference in San Sebastian, Spain – featured speakers include Mr. Doob.
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