…or maybe not on hiatus…?

Some good news! I’ve found someone who’s interested in taking on Learning WebGL. It’s not finalised yet, so no promises, but this blog may be about to get a whole new lease of life.

Stay tuned…

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9 Responses to “…or maybe not on hiatus…?”

  1. earl cameron says:

    I do miss this blog crashing my browser every couple of days ;)

  2. Giles, thank you for setting this website up and taking care for finding a successor instead of letting it slowly die. Let me know if you want help finding more people to get involved.

  3. K.L. says:

    The someone you mentioned may be me?

  4. Andrey says:


    I have try learn WebGL, but I think it too complicated with unneccessary functions. It seems no perspective in way this now exist. More. No good tutorial, everything keeping under “commercial secret”… I will better search for something else….

  5. Andrey says:

    More.As this Google develop, it must be popular.But…So many examples in network from very different people.But no real explanation “how it work”.Really.Examples it just a part of game, but teachers still not keep in mind important details. Everything is from a parts of whole… Need detailed WebGL tutorial. Now it still upcoming seems…
    Sorry, I was searching much, even have a book written by Diego Cantor
    Brandon Jones “Become a master of 3D web programming in WebGL
    and JavaScript” with good examples. This book also have many examples, but book have no obvious “chain”, material need to be more “consolidated”.
    I hope you understand me.I still try to understand this technology, even Microsoft (for example) “curses” this. It future now in web graphics.
    Thank you.

  6. Simon Foden says:

    Giles thanks for a very useful website. Although I now think the T Parisi three.js approach (which you contributed to) is a bit easier, you provided much needed insight on the fundamental capabilities of webgl. Cheers mate.

  7. Alejandro says:

    Giles, thanks for this wonderful site. I start learning webgl from the very beginning, and this site and your tutorials was very useful.

    Once I have learned enough, this site works for me to see (and still learning) some of the coolest graphics demos I have ever seen. With no doubt this is the best starting point for the beginners.

    Thanks for everything

  8. Eric Haines says:

    Thanks for all the links to resources, I know this can be a burn-out kind of activity (having done it myself for realtimerendering.com). I’m glad to hear your tutorials on WebGL will still be around. I’m just finishing the last lessons of a MOOC, http://bit.ly/ericity, which uses three.js as its basis for teaching graphics (19,000 signups so far). I pretty much ignore WebGL programming itself, so it’s great to be able to point people at your site for WebGL-specific programming information.

  9. JK says:

    Giles, thanks for all of your tutorials through the years. I’m so glad to hear that someone may take the website over so it won’t die a slow death. There is a lot of really great information here that has been useful. It’s one of the best resources for WebGL programming.

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