Not WebGL, but maybe of interest…

Sorry for the silence here on Learning WebGL! Things have been a bit hectic. I’m putting together some tools to help generate the “around the net” posts faster, and I have a bunch of links almost ready to go…

In the meantime, I thought any London-based JavaScript gurus reading might like to hear about a job opportunity at a close friend’s startup, even if it’s not WebGL-specific. The company’s called Crowdscores, and here’s what they’re looking for:

Senior front-end developer needed to take over and own the front-end development of our product. You will be expected to provide leadership in best practices and the technology stack used. You will work closely with our design and interaction consultants and the back-end development team on the implementation of our responsive, mobile-first web application.

More info here. You can drop them a line at [email protected]

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