WebGL around the net, 5 July 2012

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6 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 5 July 2012”

  1. Thanks for your interest :)

  2. nemo says:

    Hum, as with all the other warnings WRT Firefox, ecologic.al works just fine over here.
    Starting to get a bit curious about your setup. What version of Firefox? Is this Windows + ANGLE?

  3. paulo says:

    Hi. ecologic.al works fine in Firefox 16, not current Firefox 13.

  4. giles says:

    @nemo — I’m using the stock Firefox 13 now, as it accounts for the bulk of visitors here (< 5% use newer versions). I guess what I should really do is install a later version and test on both, but it would add quite a lot of extra work to writing these updates, which would mean I’d have less time for finding new stuff. I guess I’ll have to rely on you and Paulo for that ;-)

  5. nemo says:

    Eh. Sorry. Been using FF Nightlies for so many years as default browser I kinda forget that it matters when it comes to stuff like webgl.

  6. Mariuz says:

    Smooth Voxel Terrain (Part 2) Last time we formulated the problem of isosurface extraction and discussed some general approaches at a high level. Today, we’re going to get very specific and look at meshing in particular.


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