Announcing WebGL Jobs

Quite a few people have contacted me about hiring WebGL developers — and I’m sure quite a few people reading this blog are interested in working on WebGL stuff professionally. So I’ve put together a little jobs board, WebGL Jobs (snappy name, huh?), where people who want to hire people can post what they want to hire them for.

There’s an RSS feed and an associated Twitter account; only one job listed so far, a freelance position at at Ergoe, a London-based company (though I think they’re looking for people globally). Why not head on over and take a look?

WebGL Jobs is kindly hosted by PythonAnywhere (my day job), and the code is available on GitHub if you’re interested in looking at an unbelievably basic Django app :-)

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3 Responses to “Announcing WebGL Jobs”

  1. Sime says:

    The link to webgl jobs doesn’t work..

  2. giles says:

    Thanks, fixed it.

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