WebGL around the net, 29 March 2012

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3 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 29 March 2012”

  1. Marcin Ignac says:

    I’m upset how many of these demos run only in Google Chrome (at leas on Mac).

  2. giles says:

    That is saddening. I checked most of them on both Firefox and Chrome, but on Windows. Still, that is odd, as I had the impression that the situation was slightly better on Macs thanks to their better graphics drivers.

    Could you list some of the ones that didn’t work for you so that I can check them on my PC, update the post, and perhaps ping the authors?

  3. Marcin Ignac says:

    OSX 10.6.8
    Safari Version 5.1.2
    GeForce 9600 GT 256 VRAM

    OpenWorm gives this error in Safari / OSX:
    TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not a function (evaluating ‘this.nextModelCallback.bind(this)’)

    Mandreel Tech Demo:
    Browser unsupported: Float64Array not available

    Pyroxene’s Mini Mass Effect – not enough VRAM?:
    Kills my browser without warning.

    SyntaxError: JSON Parse error: Unrecognized token ‘?’

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