WebGL around the net, 9 February 2012

Gosh, it’s been a while! The link backlog got out of control over January, so I’ve had to declare link bankruptcy… so here’s the stuff I’ve heard about over email since then, new stuff coming next week.

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14 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 9 February 2012”

  1. AlienHAX says:

    Ive eagerly been awaiting an update! Good stuff especially the 3D music reactive scene :D

  2. Hakog says:

    Thanks for the update Giles. It is appreciated.

  3. My daily check of your site has not been in vein :P I’m glad you are back and thank you for reporting WebGL news.

  4. Benoit Jacob says:

    Thanks for this blog, it remains the place to be in the WebGL community!

  5. giles says:

    Thanks, everyone :-) Hopefully things will be back to normal now.

  6. Joe Krason says:

    New site dedicated to 3D and WebGL to health :

  7. [...] WebGL is making some amazing progress, and the guys at Learning WebGL have great highlights all of the time: WebGL around the net, 9 February 2012. [...]

  8. Mobeen says:

    This website is a constant source of new and interesting information on WebGL. Just sharing. I have implemented a basic cloth simulator in WebGL using Three.js.

    Details here:

    Ofcourse comments and critics welcome.

  9. giles says:

    @Joe Krason — thanks! I’ll put it in the next roundup.

    @Mobeen — I’m a bit confused, that blog post says that it’s not a WebGL-based simulator (just 2D canvas), but your comment says it is — which is right?

  10. [...] for all the above at: http://learningwebgl.com/blog/?p=4419 [...]

  11. Mobeen says:

    Hi Giles,
    Well the link I posted on my blog is using the Canvas2D Renderer of Three.js. I placed the WebGL version here. http://opencloth.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/OpenCloth_WebGL/WebGLOpenCloth.html

    The cloth simulation is done entirely in javascript.

  12. it’s our project for the global game jam, the idea is to make a game in 48h.

    nice rush of coding

  13. That could be a good idea to watch the video before playing ;) http://youtu.be/atxI2BKLy_w

  14. giles says:

    Thanks, Mobeen — I’ve put it in today’s roundup.

    Cedric — thanks also! It’s in the roundup.

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