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Excellent news — WebGL is now enabled in the developer build of Chrome (h/t Stephen Shankland on CNet).  Of course, this has been on the cards since it was built into WebKit, the web browser engine that underlies both Apple’s Safari and Chrome, but it’s great to see it happen nonetheless.  As soon as I find good instructions on how to use it I’ll post them here and update the Getting Started page.

[UPDATE] Well, you can get the dev build of Chrome by following the instructions for “subscribing to the dev channel” on this page, but, like Benjamin DeLillo says in the comments, it doesn’t seem to display WebGL content. Has anyone else got this working?

[FURTHER UPDATE] Benjamin comments again — looks like it’s was causing problems and has been removed, hopefully just temporarily.

[UPDATE AGAIN] Stephen Shankland has spotted (and tweeted) that it’s been re-enabled. Hopefully this means that it will work in tomorrow’s release on the Dev channel — I will check.

[YET ANOTHER UPDATE] Well, the code’s been checked in, but it’s not made its way into the Dev channel release. I’m watching with bated breath…

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4 Responses to “WebGL in Chrome”

  1. Any updates on getting it working in Chrome? I’ve got the dev build and have added –enable-webgl and –no-sandbox in the startup parameters, but no dice.

  2. giles says:

    Hmm, good question. I just tried it (using –enable-webgl and –no-sandbox – that is, with two dashes before each option rather than one — looks like my WordPress install converts double-dashes in comments into single dashes) but it looks like it can’t get the WebGL context. I’ll investigate and post more later.

  3. giles says:

    Hmmm. All I’ve found so far is that my initGL code was broken and didn’t show error messages for Chrome :-S

    I’ve fixed that, so at least if you try my pages with Chrome now, you’ll get a “Could not initialise WebGL, sorry :-( ” message.

    However, I still can’t see what’s stopping it from working. More investigation needed.

  4. Seems the enabling of WebGL in the dev channel was rolled back due to some problems. http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome/trunk/src/build/features_override.gypi?view=log#rev28707

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