WebGL around the net, 13 October 2011

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  1. Nicolas says:

    In other news, Opera 12 alpha with WebGL support was released today:


    and a very nice in-depth introduction to WebGL was written at:


  2. Stefan says:

    Here comes another link :)
    It’s a cool car demo using ammo.js and three.js:

  3. Alvaro says:

    For your next post:

    Google Maps now can use WebGL (must be enabled by the user)


    It provides smoother transitions and overall performance when panning/zooming. It seems street view is also implemented in WebGL. When you enter/leave street view or the 45º view, the transition flies in 3D.

  4. giles says:

    @Nicolas, Stefan — thanks! I’ve put those in this week’s roundup.

    @Alvaro — that’s the third link down in this post :-)

  5. Roxana says:

    Did you know that angry birds for desktop browser (http://chrome.angrybirds.com/) is made with WebGL? I fount out from facebook developers site, but I couldn’t understand how they use it :)

  6. Alvaro says:

    OMG! I’m blind!

    Anyway, note also that buildings are indeed 3D in the close-up map view (as it says) and they cast a shadow that depends on the Sun position throughout the day.

    Also, it seems they implemented antialiasing when the view remains static (as Firefox still has no antialiasing, unlike Chrome). When dragging the view, lines are aliased, but when it stops they get smooth.

  7. giles says:

    @Roxana — that’s right, I saw that a while back. I think they must use it for general graphics acceleration — it’s not just for 3D, after all.

    @Alvaro — don’t worry about it ;-) Interesting extra points, that’s very clever!

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