WebGL around the net, 8 September 2011

  • The results for Mozilla’s Demoparty competition are in, with lots of cool new stuff. There’s too much there to highlight anything specifically!
  • Benoit Jacob: “The question being answered on this page is: how many % of Firefox users are actually getting WebGL, Layers Acceleration and other GPU-based features?” The numbers are a bit low, especially for Windows XP. That’s graphics drivers for you… and on the other hand, things seem to have been improving since July, especially on the Mac (perhaps due to the release of OS/X Lion).
  • A nice demo by Rob Hawkes, interesting video of how it was made: Creating a 3D sound visualiser with WebGL and HTML 5 audio.
  • From AlteredQualia, an experiment in skin rendering.
  • Another face-based demo: Stickman Ventures’ WebGL Facial Rigging (via Mr.doob)
  • Over at Spacegoo, another demo from Xavier — a card dealer with skeletal animation. Click on the joker on the wall to see what you can make it do.
  • Here’s a fun physics demo by Andrew Strelzoff, Eric Mixon and Jeremy Jones, using three.js and ammo.js, running on jsfiddle. If you want to modify it yourself, you can fork it on jsfiddle.
  • OurBricks have made an addon for Blender which makes it simple to import from and export to their online repository of 3D models. Here’s a video.
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3 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 8 September 2011”

  1. Simon Foden says:

    Greetings Learning WebGL. And yet another group of impressive demos this week. I think WebGL is going to be huge, and I say that having gone down quite a few primrose paths myself over the years.

    I just wasted several months learning the next big thing in .net, the Windows Presentation Foundation with its own 3D xaml architecture. This thing is a less of a solution and more of a technology demonstration. It is hard to go beyond the examples.

    In fact the webGL graphics are so superior to WPF that they compete more with DirectX. But the big difference is in the buzz and participation. Man, the .net world sure is a cold and quiet place!

    Thank you for a useful site, I have some ideas for future lessons and will post them in the applicable thread.


  2. DeleteElf says:

    hi,I working on webgl,but I don`t know how to draw font mesh and draw text on spirit.I need some help

  3. Stefan says:

    Hello LearningWebGL! Absolutely love your site. There is always some new cool eye candy around here :)

    I wanted to share a link to another cool ammo.js demo with you, it is an interactive simulation of a ragdoll. Here it is: http://granular.cs.umu.se/ammo/Demos/RagdollDemo/index.html


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