WebGL around the net, 28 July 2011

Three more links for today, still working through the backlog…

  • A useful hint from Benjamin DeLillo if setting up a local web server to be able to work with textures is proving hard work: “it’s quite simple to start a server if you’ve got Python installed, it’s just `python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80` from the command line to serve whatever directory you are in. Then just point your browser to http://localhost/.”
  • X3DOM version 1.2 has been released, with a number of changes — most interestingly, they now support Flash as an additional backend so that it can work in Internet Explorer.
  • From Andrey Filippov — panaramas from US National Parks taken from a backpack-mounted camera.
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  1. Stephen says:

    Dropbox is another way of getting around without having a local server

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