WebGL around the net, 27 July 2011

Only time for a couple today, but I’m catching up!

  • From Nikolaus Gebhardt, A pre-release demo of an upcoming feature in CopperLicht — dynamic lights.
  • Another cool demo from Cedric Pinson — sadly, it won’t work with ANGLE, so on Windows it needs to use native OpenGL (that is, webgl.prefer-native-gl set to True in Firefox about:config or --use-gl=desktop for Chrome), which means that if you have a blacklisted graphics driver it won’t work at all. There’s a YouTube copy, though.
  • Patrick Cozzi writes to say that there’s just under one month left to submit article proposals for the upcoming book, OpenGL Insights — they’re aiming to make it about a third WebGL. If you’re interested in writing something, get in touch! Contact details in this post.
  • Also, if you’re going to be at SIGGRAPH in August and are interested in talking at the WebGL BOF, contact Kenneth Russell.
  • If you’re interested in following new games written in HTML5, this might be a good site to follow.
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4 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 27 July 2011”

  1. Benoit Jacob says:

    Regarding Cedric’s demo, if this is only a matter of vertex shader texture access and/or float textures, this has recently been added to ANGLE and Firefox >= 6 and recent enough Chrome have it.

  2. A note for other WebGL developers to be aware of. I believe some hardware (confirmed on MacBook Pro/HD Graphics 3000 and an older MacBook/GMA X3100) is having driver-level problems coping with shaders containing `return;` statements. (Believe it or not!)

    More detailed information is available here:


    and, at the end of that post, I’ve linked to the original issue that started my investigation.

    I’m still a little dumbfounded by the findings, so if anyone can offer more information, I’d appreciate hearing it!

    In any case, I thought it was important enough to place here since it could potentially affect a large number of WebGL apps.

  3. Cool to see someone is working on a book with WebGL content. Any other in production?

  4. Yes the demo needs texture access in vertex shader

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