WebGL around the net, 26 July 2011

Ouch, where did the last few weeks go? Here’s some of my backlog of links, hopefully more tomorrow.

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  1. Benoit Jacob says:

    In Firefox, you can go to about:config and set security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy=false to make local files be considered part of a single domain. Only do this in your development/testing profile, as this is a bad idea security-wise.

  2. Benoit Jacob says:

    Also it’s worth noting that both Chrome and Firefox (Nightly) now implement the CORS-based relaxation for cross-domain textures. This means it’s actually possible to use cross-domain textures in WebGL if you can set up the server to send CORS headers.

  3. FYI, it’s quite simple to start a server if you’ve got python installed, it’s just `python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80` from the command line to serve whatever directory you are in. Then just point your browser to http://localhost

  4. Gilles Rasigade says:

    I confirm that AutoDesk use WebGL for their 3D models viewer. I didn’t find any external library.

    Models are not private and anyone with the link can open it. This might be corrected in future.

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