Yesterday's London WebGL meetup

So, yesterday’s meetup went really well! We had a bunch of great talks:

  • Ilmari Heikkinen on putting together demos for the Google IO conference.
  • Paul Brunt about his GLGE framework, including some very cool new demos.
  • Laurynas Bakas, bravely (and very successfully) presenting over Skype on how WebGL could be used to create new forms of architecture, espectially for the Third World
  • Tobias Leingruber showed us some demoscene videos and told us about Mozilla’s new DemoParty initiative, a plan to bring the excitement of the demoscene to the web.
  • A surprise talk from Mr. Doob, with a behind the scenes look at some of the coding that went into the recent ROME interactive video.

After that, we had time for a few quick not-quite-lightning-talks:

All in all, a great set of talks, and a good time was had by all. Many thanks to the speakers, and to Google — particularly Paul Kinlan — for providing a room that could hold all 50-odd of us, along with pizzas and drinks.

[UPDATE: here's a blog post about the evening from Tobias (with photos), and some more photos from Thomas Beduneau]

It sounds like we should definitely do another one — probably in late July. Watch this space for more details!

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8 Responses to “Yesterday's London WebGL meetup”

  1. Sarath Saleem says:

    Is the video uploaded anywhere?

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks, it is like I was to London yesterday.
    Loving the JSArToolKit, but it definitively miss the device Api

  3. Josh says:

    I love the tutorials. I have ran into a problem that I’m hoping someone can answer.

    Question: are shader attributes always required?

    Example: You want to draw a textured image and a non textured image. You have an attribute vec2 textureCord. The non textured image does not have any texture coordinates defined.

    For me this generates an issue trying to render something in which the attribute does not exist for an object (even if the attribute isn’t used because the if(uUseTexture) is not triggered)

    Is it necessary to define separate shader programs for objects that differ in attributes or is there a way around this problem?

  4. mikko says:

    Josh, you can use gl.vertexAttrib* to set an attribute to all vertices. Textured and non-textured is a bit tricky since you will need to set a texture too or else the texture read will return 0 (black). For best performance you should as few texture changes as possible, that is, use an atlas (sprite sheet), so it might be possible to have an empty white image there too which you use for non-textured rectangles. Or if you have a lot of colored rects and the draw order does not matter, you should do 2 passes, both with specifically optimized shader.

  5. giles says:

    @Sarath — unfortunately we weren’t able to do video this time. Hopefully at the next one.

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