London WebGL meetup, 6pm, 24 May

OK, more information: Google have offered a room and food for the London WebGL meetup, which is absolutely awesome of them :-) The address is 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TQ. Apparently they have dual screen presentation facilities (with sound), so all the demos should look great too. Many thanks to Paul Kinlan and Ilmari Heikkinen for sorting that out, and also to Paul Rouget and Desigan Chinniah of Mozilla for suggestions and checking out alternative venues for us!

The catch is that the room is limited to 50 people, so we’ve switched from Lanyrd (which is a great site but doesn’t let you set a limit on attendees) to EventBrite, so if you want to come then please sign up and get your (free!) ticket there.

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5 Responses to “London WebGL meetup, 6pm, 24 May”

  1. Sylvain230 says:

    Hi ! Giles

    Do you go in this meetup ?

    And the confrence web3d in paris in june ?

  2. Lee Briggs says:

    The only option is “add to waitlist”, did they all go already?

  3. giles says:

    @Sylvain230 — I’ll definitely be at the London one, probably not Web3D.

    @Lee — yup! However, if loads of people add themselves to the waitlist, we’ll look for a bigger venue — so please do sign up if you want to come.

  4. Tony Volpe says:

    Hi Giles,
    It’s great news that you’re putting this together. I signed up the other day on Lanyrd, but unfortunately just found that you’ve switched to EventBrite and there are no tickets left (I’m on the waiting list)

    Any chance you can get in an early adopter?


  5. TBX says:

    Added myself to the list! Great excuse to visit London also ;)

    gr33ts from Berlin,

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