WebGL around the net, 21 April 2011

Loads of new links this week!

Thanks to Mariuz for a bunch of the links in this post. That’s it for this week — if you’ve done a demo you’d like me to put in next time, just leave a link in the comments below.

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12 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 21 April 2011”

  1. Andor Salga says:

    Just to add another link, I made a 3D Processing.js and XB PointStream virtual museum demo a while back. Don’t think it was included in the links:

  2. Another one for the list, requires Firefox 4 Audio API, default song included but you can drag and drop your own OGG file into it :)


  3. giles says:

    @Andor — thanks, I’ll put that in next week.

    @Charles — does the Audio API still need more than a baseline FF4? I only got the controls to play be a tune, nothing else. Didn’t have an OGG file to drag and drop onto it, but I assume there should have been some kind of graphics…?

  4. Erik says:

    Tried Chrome 11 with the conformance tests. 5913 of 6041 tests passed, versus Chrome 10 5782 out of 6002 (guess they added tests). Anyway Chrome 11 is still in beta so my guess is by the end of beta (in about a month or two) we may very well have a fully compliant webGL browser.

  5. @giles the graphics should be visible immediately (and even without FF4)

    You should see this:



    I’ve done a minor update that hopefully fixes ATI visual glitches but not sure why it wouldn’t display altogether — Please let me know if you have any errors showing in the console log.

  6. Jim Barnes says:

    What made you think glMatrix is the best? In Chrome 10 TDL comes out fastest.

  7. bompo says:

    I remixed the interactive iterated function system so it’s synced to some music.

  8. giles says:

    @Charles — still getting just the music on my work machine (and, ironically, 500 error on the Dropbox links!). I’ll check it at home, the work machine can be problematic.

    @Jim — interesting, glMatrix wins by a mile on Firefox for me and I’m sure it was winning on Chrome too when I tested it. But I tried it just now, and saw the same results as you, glMatrix coming in third. I’ll update the post.

    @bompo — very cool!

  9. giles says:

    @Charles — nope, looks like an error of some kind. There’s a long listing in the error console, I can email it if helpful but I think it’s just your shaders being dumped out. The error message is “Error: Could not initialise shader vert”, then a listing in round brackets, starting with

    #define loopCount 4
    #define hasColorMap 1
    #define hasSpecularMap 0
    #define hasNormalMap 1

    …and then ending with

      color.a = linear_depth;
    	gl_FragColor = clamp(color,0.0,1.0);

    It claims this happens in “Source File: http://cubicvr.org/CubicVR.js/BeatDetektor-NMG/CubicVR.js, Line: 2951″. No indication as to why it can’t initialise it.

    This is on Windows Vista 32-bit with ATI HD 2400 graphics (“business graphics”), and also on Windows 7 64-bit with ATI Radeon HD 4670 (a high-end laptop GPU).

  10. Jon Kleiser says:

    Hi. Does anybody know how to get a simple model spinning (slowly) around the Y-axis with Brandon Jones’ WebGLSandbox (http://blog.tojicode.com/2011/04/webgl-starter-package.html)? I’ve inserted a “mat4.rotateY(modelViewMat, 0.08);” in the “Matrix setup” section in glSandbox.js, and in my html file I do a “setupWebGLSandbox(canvas, false)”, but I get no visible animation. I’m using Chrome.

  11. giles says:

    @Jon — I suspect you’ll need to rotate by a variable that you update each time you go through the render loop — the number isn’t cumulative.

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