WebGL around the net, 17 February 2011

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  1. Jordi Mariné says:

    If you want to publish on next issue of “WebGL around the net”, this is a WebGL version of draughts/checkers/dames game (using SpiderGL framework):



  2. Lindsay says:

    Check out jsFiddle.net – it looks like an excellent way to share our WebGL examples.

    Here’s the SceneJS “Hello World” with Newell’s Teapot:


    And look at that “Fork” button indeed! An outstanding piece of kit this.

  3. giles says:

    Thanks to both of you, I’ll put them both in next week’s roundup.

    BTW Lindsay, I really like that teapot — it’s using per-fragment lighting with two light sources and no normal interpolation (or duplicated vertices at points where you needed two different normals for adjacent faces), right?

  4. Lindsay says:

    @Giles – that’s right, per-fragment, two light sources and no normal interpolation.

    That reminds me – I’d better put in support for normal interpolation, which overcomes that “facet” effect you can see there, ie. the discontinuity between the faces.

  5. giles says:

    Hi Lindsay — it was actually the facet effect I liked :-)

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