WebGL around the net, 21 October 2010

  • A breathtaking CubicVR/audio-processing demo from Charles Cliffe: “bloom, blur, 4x cubes and more”. Trippy.
  • Impressive: a 3D video site, the excellently-named 3df33d.tv, using (I think) WebGL for its rendering. Perhaps a bit confusingly, by default it displays stuff in 2D mode; click on the “Current 3D mode” at the top of the page to switch it into one of various display modes, including the traditional red-blue “anaglyph” style. Also: via Henrik Bennetsen, here’s a video of the site running in a Samsung Android 2.2 mobile phone.
  • Denny Koch has updated and enhanced EnergizeGL, which now has some extremely cool demos; well worth a look. (You need to click on the “Play” button above and to the right of each demo to start it.)
  • You may remember 3DTin from a while back — it’s an in-browser 3D graphics editing program. The author moved away from WebGL (shame! ;-) citing fears about browser compatibility, but has now moved back — it currently uses WebGL if available and a Canvas 2D rendering engine if it’s not (yay!). It’s looking pretty polished now, and is worth taking a look at again if you’ve not checked it out recently.
  • There is competition, though: the newly-released Gogo008 is not as slick and easy to use, but is updating rapidly, and already a lot of interesting features, including a fairly simple way to export your 3D scenes as JSON files — an excellent idea.
  • Here’s an excellent introductory talk about WebGL from Mozilla’s Vladimir Vukićević; even if you’ve been coding WebGL for a while, you’ll probably learn something new. Well worth 45 minutes of your time.
  • After last week’s good news about the beta browsers starting to support WebGL, some less good news; it looks like it will be Chrome 9 before WebGL is enabled by default — but on the other hand, it’s on the dev channel for #8. Chris Blizzard at Mozilla still expects it to be live in their beta 7, though. (That said, the nightly builds seem to claim that they are beta 8…) Personally I’m just confused…
  • I’ve not had time to get this running myself, and I think there’s no live version, but if you like Minecraft and you like WebGL, you might want to take a look at MC Chunk Loader. Impressive video here.
  • If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to meet fellow WebGL developers, here’s the Meetup group — nothing scheduled yet, though.
  • Here’s an interesting use of WebGL: generating images to use for monitor gamma correction.
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  1. The next Beta will be B7, so the code for that has been split off into a separate branch and the nightlies are pre-B8. Hope that makes it a bit clearer!

  2. giles says:

    Thanks, Peter! That makes things clear to me :-)

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