WebGL around the net, 10 May 2010

  • A stunning SpiderGL demo by Francesco Banterle — no idea how I managed to miss this one!
  • Another brilliant demo for GLGE: Paul Brunt now has reflections and refractions working, which makes realistic water effects possible. I think that means that there’s nothing I’ve seen demonstrated in O3D which someone hasn’t also done in WebGL.
  • On the subject of O3D, now that they’re porting it over to WebGL, you can run some of their demos without needing the plugin. The famous “Beach” demo isn’t there yet, and some of them will be familiar from ports that made their way into the WebGL demo repository, but the 3D pool one is nice, and surprisingly addictive!
  • Another release for SceneJS, with some bugfixes but more interestingly support for branching and instancing.
  • The Polish 3dgames WebGL blog has expanded, and in addition to the blog it now has a “Games Console” (according to Google Translate, “konsola z grami” in the original) with a rather fun game called Gunslinger (helpfully for me, instructions are in English :-) and some Polish-language forums.
  • Finally, here’s an interesting question on Stack Overflow: what is the coolest WebGL demo you have seen so far? I’ve posted some of my favourites, but I’m sure I’ve missed some good stuff.
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