Routes from Venice to the UK? is a technical blog, so I hesitate to post about something purely personal, but in an emergency, things look different… my wife, AI guru Lola Canamero, and a number of her students, are stuck in Venice right now after a conference, with no transport out of town, and everyone’s desperate to get home to London. If anyone reading here knows of anything they can do to at least get at least a little bit closer to home, I’d be really grateful for suggestions. Apparently all of the hire cars and trains are booked up, and (of course) air transport’s not working…

You can email me at [email protected]. Many thanks to anyone with any ideas!

UPDATE Literally minutes after I posted this, she texted me to say that she’s got some kind of transport almost all the way to London. Panic (almost) over!

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2 Responses to “Routes from Venice to the UK?”

  1. I hope she finally did her way back home! :)

    p.s.: if I would be a volcano, and my name is Eyjafjallajokul, I would have structural reasons to be angry… :p

  2. giles says:

    Thanks! She’s still on her way — should be in Milan by now… I guess they named the volcano after the sound it makes when it erupts ;-)

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