WebGL around the net, 7 April 2010

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8 Responses to “WebGL around the net, 7 April 2010”

  1. Paul Brunt says:

    Not sure if you noticed but GLGE has a new collision detection demo inspired by the quake 2 news ;-)

  2. Luan Almeida says:

    Have you seen any live demo or even a multiplayer server up?

  3. steve says:

    Yay, once again my machine has proven itself as a perfect testing platform, as it also explains why the other demo falls back to software rendering (but not why yours doesn’t work at all).

    While I’m glad to do my bit for the WebGL cause, I can say that it’s quite the mixed blessing! Sometimes I just want to see something up on the screen, “do what I want, not what I say”. :)

  4. webglit says:

    Great GLGE demo, but had some problems on running it beacause not all the meshes were loaded succesfully, so some hole in the scene.

  5. giles says:

    @Paul — cool! It’ll be in the next roundup.

    @Luan — for Quake II? I did see a couple but they were short-lived. Google might have some now.

    @Steve — oh no! Do any of my particle demos work? Or is it just the first one with problems?

    @webglit Interesting — did you try refreshing? Might be some kind of network glitch.

  6. steve says:

    Just the first one has problems. The one where you expanded out to spheres works. Billboarding instead of spheres would more closely emulate the original point demo though.

  7. giles says:

    I’m just using squares for each point, not spheres. They’re not billboarded, but that’s just because I’ve got no camera or perspective code in there…

  8. giles says:

    But anyway, billboards are a great idea for a new lesson, I’ll do them after picking (and maybe before shadows)

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