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I gave a five-minute lighting talk about WebGL at a London Google Technology User Group meeting this evening; seemed to go down quite well! Here’s a copy of the (Open Office) slides, and here are the pages I used as demos (this is how to get a WebGL-enabled browser to view them in):

Here are a few I had in reserve but wound up not using because they don’t work on the current Chromium nightly builds (more’s the pity) — and also, I ran out of time!

Sorry if I missed anyone’s favourites!

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9 Responses to “WebGL presentation”

  1. Stephan says:

    Nice demos, some I didn’t know before :-)

  2. The last three links are broken

  3. Viet says:

    Sorry I can’t run any. I use Chrome on Mac Leopard. The error is “WebGL cannot be initialized”. Please kindly advise how to fix that. Thanks

  4. giles says:

    @Benjamin — thanks, I’ve fixed them.

    @Viet — are you using the Chromium nightly or the Chrome dev channel?

    @aa — Hey, that’s cool! Hadn’t seen that one.

  5. Pyro Technick says:

    Totally would kill to see you live, shake your hand and congratulate you on learningwebgl.com.

    This website now is a daily visit for me and many of my peers. Keep it up!

  6. Hi everyone

    @giles – As always, thank your for your great job!
    The problem lies in browsers cache. I have some problem with html cache control in the SpiderGL site: it seems that browsers do not detect page changes, or maybe the server sends wrong last-modified dates. I did another try with meta tags in the html for cache control, I’m working into this.

    Anyway, please be patient, everytime you visit spidergl.org be sure to force a page refresh from the browser… sorry for that. Now I understand why many changes like new demos are not seen by many people…

    Keep going!

  7. murphy says:

    Any chance to see a video of the presentation?

  8. giles says:

    @Pyro — *blush* thanks! Really glad you like the site.

    @Marco — I’ve not seen any problems with your site, but I’ll keep that in mind — shift-reload should do the job, right?

    @murphy — unfortunately they weren’t videoing it. Some people were taking photos, and I’ll put any links to those that I find in this post.

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