WebGL around the net, 12 March 2010

Some great stuff today:

  • Is this the most impressive WebGL demo yet? Probably the coolest skeletal animation, anyway :-) Pl4n3 has started work on a Web RTS game.
  • Something with less immediate visual impact, but perhaps more important in the long run: after a swift but deep discussion on the WebGL mailing list, it looks like geometry instancing (an easy way of having lots of independent copies of the same mesh) will be added to the WebGL spec. This is a brilliant idea, and (if you can keep hamsterdance out of your mind), this page by Cedric Vivier, the idea’s proponent, shows a simple example of what you can do with it.
  • A correction to my last post about XML3D, which I’d thought was a competitor to WebGL and O3D — Kristian Sons, the project leader, kindly dropped me a line and explained: it’s a declarative language for in-browser 3D, perhaps a bit like X3D. Their current implementation isn’t WebGL-based, but it could be! I’ve asked for more information and may do a follow-up post later.
  • Not quite WebGL, but related: OpenGL 4.0 has just been announced at GDC, with some interesting new features. I guess we may see some of these filtering into WebGL over time. Here are two good articles on it.
  • The Polish WebGL tutorials I mentioned the other day seem to be blossoming, with a first lesson, a Facebook fan page, and a rather fun intro page.
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  1. Pl4n3 says:

    Thanks for the kind words about the RTS demo :) This ‘WebGl around the net’ postings are very interesting!

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